Inge Maux / The Hand that Feeds / Bucheon Choice Jury Award

The Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN, Executive Director Shin Chul) announced the winners of this year’s competitions for short films. The awards were handed out on Sunday, July 2nd during the Short Film Night at the Culture Hall of the Hyundai Department Store.

The Jury’s Choice for Short Film Award was given to Austrian film The Hand That Feeds, directed by Helen Hideko. 

The comments of the jury in detail:
This is a film that was a masterpiece in world-building, but also added many layers to the characters. With many hints to the character’s background that give us insights into their complex situation, it also keeps us guessing as to the borderline of fantasy and both inner and outer reality. The film raised questions we discussed vigorously among ourselves – it made us want to think about its conclusions.


Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival  
June 30, 2023 
World Premiere 
Bucheon Choice - Winner Jury's Choice for Short Film

Director / Writer
Helen Hideko

Clara Maria Bacher / Filmakademie Wien

Julia Willi

Key Cast
Anca Cipariu
Inge Maux
Levi Wolter
Reinhard Nowak